Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Do you know how to go to Lake Tahoe?

Okay, so I'm no Bacharach. There's a very good reason he wrote about San Jose instead, I think. Nevertheless. I'm lagging just a bit after a few days in Lake Tahoe. Oh, the scenery was nice, but all of the candy, room service brownies and not-quite-amazing BBQ has left my stomach confused. I'm going to have to detox for the next few weeks straight, I think.

Lookit all that snow! It dumped about a foot just the day before we got there, actually. It was so cold, in fact, that I shivered like this endlessly. Notice the bright sun shining off of the pretty blue lake, though.

Actually, I had no decent photos of the Lake, so I opted for this photo mural in the airport on the way home. I'm sorry to have deceived you, even if it was momentarily. Still, I would have done it, had it not have been for that meddling glare.

Here's another one of me. Look hard. I'm posing right near this big guy's crotch. We found this guy on the way out of Lake Tahoe, actually, near a spot called Golden Nugget. Somewhere near Reno or Carson City, I think. There are chocolate covered Oreos there and big chocolate cow patties, complete with green Easter basket candy, for a mere $5.95. I should have got one.

This one's a little on the spooky side, wouldn't you say? He's rather expressionless, like a zombie. No happy or sad in there. You'd never have thunk he'd just found himself a golden nugget.

Before heading out for some interviewing and a photo shoot, along with Brooks and Jodie. I think we look like some kind of a band, no? We all wore black, no less. Moving on ...

The water is blue, but there's still snow on the ground. I wandered from my co-workers for a while and took some photos. I was transfixed by the snow 'n sun combination. They ate corn dogs and milkshakes while I was taken by pine cones and such. I swear I was gone just five minutes, though they said it was more like 25. I'm an easily distracted person.

Editor's note: These were all posted exactly backwards. I'm still getting a handle on how to do things in the blogging world. I hope to catch on soon. In the meantime, pine cones! Enjoy them.

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plainoldsarah said...

the sun/snow is one of my favorite things about tahoe.

but next time i intend to look for large nugget man.