Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Camera phones are my salvation

We'll call this one "proof".

I swiped this off of somebody else's blog. I thought she was married but, per her blog, she offered the following:

"midge, my abfab partner-in-crime, got married this weekend. i’m fine with being the last of the single girls, mostly because i’m the only one who can take home the elvis impersonator without guilt.

yes, elvis was most certainly a guest. sadly, he declined when i passed him the special juice. perhaps he had plans to raid the old ladies purses for pills. whatever the case, i was disappointed not to have the chance to drink with elvis.

next time, e, next time..."

Too bad she didn't know Elvis isn't much for dranking. I should've told her. Those pills, however, would have done a wonder on my nerves. Mmmm, boy.

One of her friends asked what Johnny Knoxville was doing, all trussed up like Elvis. Pretty astute observation, if'n I ever heard one.


aisy said...

pretty stylin

Sherpa said...

the Johnny Knoxville comment, now that's hot.

sarahbellum said...

i had no idea e was also a blog stalker!:) that's great you found it...