Friday, May 19, 2006

One for the road

I like having a job that requires I be "on the road" a couple weeks out of the month. Yeah, I do the same old thing (interviewing, wining 'n dining and such), but I do it with different people/personalities and in different states. I like being a roving kind of travel writer. It really manages to place me in my element. When I'm done with work, I get to bask in new surroundings and new wells of creativity are awakened in me. In other words, poems come out easier when I'm allowed new sights to inspire me in the right direction. I always have my books of poems handy (just 7 pages from finishing my 7th volume, too!).

What does it mean, then, that Detroit inspires no such feelings in me? I've spent a good long time here (well, about two days and some change, anyway) and I can say, with some authority, that this city doesn't do it for me. It rains a lot, it's fairly cold and the sights don't require a whole lot of reflection. Detroit Rock City? Bah.

So far, my one high point was that we got Big Boy banks at the Big Boy. Ever been to the Big Boy? It's where Flo works (she's the head waitress), the one who laughed in the face of retirement 20 years ago and kept on going (give or take several hundred pieces of strawberry pie and about as many trips to the all-you-can-inhale breakfast bar buffet). We also got lost on our way back yesterday and ended up on, yes, 8 mile. Eminem wasn't there but I think we saw a few of the people he used to hang with. We were able to steer back to the freeway without our share of souvenir bullets. Even made it to a casino last night, where the clientele was much, much scarier than anything I've ever seen in Vegas. I think Flo's sister was working the bar. Looked like her, anyway. She helped keep us hydrated, but wasn't much for conversation. Did learn she'd only been to San Francisco and Los Angeles, one time each. The rest of the time, she resided here and workworkworked. She slipped away with her see-through purse and didn't bother with many niceties in her getaway. Was it because we brought up Flo?

Another high point: The Japanese steak house we ate at. It was decided that, should you ever want to have a public argument with your girlfriend, that'd be the place to do it. There was so much yelling and ceiling-high flames and such, nobody'd ever catch on. Drawback to working there, however, would be possibly losing a finger or hand. Still, the filet mignon's never tasted better to me. And it helps that they do all the cutting up themselves. Takes me back to my days in a high chair, it does. Too bad I missed when they threw a shrimp at my mouth, tho. I blame a small mouth. I'd like to blame my small ears, but that just doesn't make any sense.

A trip to Niagra Falls was nixed in the wee small hours of this morning. Ten hours of drive time didn't bode well. Now I'm left to think on what could have been, curse the fact I left my camera in the distributor's Corvette last night and wait for my co-worker to wake up. I sure hope he does so before noon. Last night's gummi bears can only sustain me for so long.

Next stop, next week: Three days in Houston, and about as many in Washington.


ewesa said...

the song line "make it one for my baby, and one more for the road.." came to mind as I read this.

plainoldsarah said...

detroit sounds scary. thanks for the warning. vegas was enough for me.

Dainon said...

Detroit IS scary. It wasn't until today that I learned it was that VERY SAME ROAD that one of Eminem's best friends was shot and killed recently. The name escapes me. Anybody else know who I speak of? In any case, my friends thought it was a cool place to explore. I was the one lurching forward and pressing the gas pedal from the back seat.