Tuesday, May 02, 2006

When pumping iron is a bad, bad thing

I don't recall my mom banning much music in the household while I was growing up.

I do, however, remember one song being forbidden. It was hard, too, because it was so catchy! Thing was, we never really received an explanation as to why we were not to listen to and/or sing it. Just like we weren't supposed to watch the Solid Gold Dancers or the
Benny Hill Show. No explanations. In 1981, though, "Physical" was everywhere. Best I could figure it, it was about going to the gym. All video of Olivia Newton-John during that time seemed to have her in workout attire, writhing around and looking sweaty. Which is okay when you're working out, right? In retrospect, though, her band wouldn't be wearing sweatbands or skimpy running shorts, just her. And she was working wee dumbbells into her stage routine. That's funny. And a lyric like "There's nothin' left to talk about, unless it's horizontally" likely didn't mean doing leg lifts with a friend. Didn't then, doesn't now. But we just liked the chorus anyway. When my older sis and I were feeling especially devious, we'd sing this one where ma couldn't hear us. It got all stuck up in our heads, so it wasn't really our faults.

As another, final act of rebellion, I suppose, I bought the album recently. I read a good review of it somewhere (okay here) and decided I'd pick it up. And, while it fails to reach the expectations I had for it, "Physical" is still a guilty, guilty pleasure. Because I'm feeling a little on the devious side today, I share it with you. You're invited to sing along with me.

I won't, however, be sharing this with my mom. I'd never hear the end of it.

Let's Get Physical


Fat Pants said...

Now I will have that stuck in my head all day.

ewesa said...

I just glanced at this post again, and it's now stuck in MY head again! I think this might be the most 'stuckable' song ever created. ever.

Dainon said...

We ought to take a poll. What IS the most stickable song, hmm? I wonder. I always thought it was "She Bangs".

The Simmons Family said...

My family was forbidden from listening to George Michael's "Faith". My parent's explanation was that it twists the entire meaning of faith around.

Which made sense to me.

Then, they also banned us from "KISN 97 FM". Because "They advertise *kissing* in their *name*, for pity's sake!"

stacer said...

I actually thought the same thing myself when the song was popular--that it must be about exercising. My best friend and I in the 3rd grade (which would have made it 1983, not 1981) used to dance around in our shorts and T-shirts singing it and trying to lose weight. Yes. Like a 3rd grader needs to lose weight.

Well, I suppose that's not so true anymore, but most 3rd graders back then didn't.