Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mex heeeeeee co

We came, we saw, we enjoyed. A lot. I think I need to go back. Once upon a time, I'd only been to Tiajuana (sp?) and was less than impressed. Mexico City, however, was amazing. This was in an area where they had some ruins that were uncovered in 1978 when they unearthed a street. Over 900+ archeological finds were discovered in the process. You can't go near it now, but you can marvel at a people that would cover ancient ruins with a freeway.

This was a singer in a three-piece mariachi band that sang to us while we were eating our mole poblano. Two guitars, three voices and some kinda maraca shaker. It was a real bargain: 40 pesos for a single song. Kinda pricey if you ask me. Especially when they didn't know "Guantanamera" or any Elvis songs. I caught him practicing on our way out.

This mariachi band was in a different restaurant from the night before (so much Mexican food, so little time!). It was much bigger and much, MUCH louder. I tried to sing along to "Sway" once I picked up on the tune. The rest of the time we just clapped and ate our tacos and urged our Mexican friends to sing along, which they did.

I never caught this woman's name. I picked up on what she told the flight attendant, tho (9th grade Spanish has its advantages). She didn't want any snacks or water because, well, she'd just end up having to go the bathroom, and she didn't much want to do that. The saddest thing was seeing her in customs once we'd landed. She didn't have her visa on her, and they had to wheel her into a little room to straighten things out. I have to wonder whether she was sent back on the next plane. Sadness.


ewesa said...

gorgeous lighting in that last photo, especially how it rests on her arm. the rest of her looks solid and youngish, but her arm looks so old and fragile. beautiful! hope she made it through.

plainoldsarah said...

thanks for the memories - super cool city. did you notice any especially purple flowering trees? i remember they were out around may - the jacaranda trees - my favorite!