Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pump it up

I'm not so sure getting a trainer is the answer. I thought it was but, after two pretty intense days at the gym, I couldn't put my arms all the way down on my third. I can now, but the wincing comes with it. And, while the program doesn't look so hard on its surface, who really does 300 crunches four times a week (except Britney, pre-baby machine years)? If I cough too hard, I hurt. If I stretch too far, I pop like bubble wrap. I'm not so sure I'm cut out for this. I wonder how long I'll last? I'm told the first two weeks is hard. After that, I'll be accidentally ripping shirts open by taking deep breaths.

Oh, and the menu is something else. Anybody else out there ingesting 300+ grams of protein a day? It's unreal. The gallon of water a day part is easy, it's the Balance bar between meals and 300 calories or protein shake I throw down a few hours at bedtime that seems a little much. But, hey, if it saves me money, I'll give a good hard college try of a go. I'm getting rather used to the grilled chicken and steamed broccoli at the end of my day. This is saying a lot, as I'm a veggies guy.

In the meantime, there will much muttering and complaining from where I sit. When you can't go on a summer solstice hike or head out to a concert because your body hurts too much, well, it's just not right. Something's gone awry in my universe.


aisy said...

oooh, i feel the pain. my sciatica started acting up yesterday. stupid working out... is it really that good for you? and somehow i can't give it up.

Sherpa said...

I think I'm a masochist. I read your post, and am a little jealous. Not because of the pain, but because in about a week you are going to feel good all the time. Unless you really hurt something. :)

Dainon said...

I'm not out of the woods yet. Sore chest, sore stomach (it smarts a lil when I cough or laugh), but I hope I will feel good all the time ... beginning soon. Real soon.