Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I liked my sometimes-annual visit to California so much, I decided to take some of it back with me: I still have water in my ear from one of the beach visits. Nothing I do is going to get it out, it seems. Perhaps it's meant to stay there, content only to drop out when I return to the beach at a future date.

Man, I sure hope not.

I really am wearing trunks here. I'm just trying to escape the cold waves before they hit me ... it was made that much harder by the crazy amount of rocks in the water. Soft sandy beaches, nothing! Bruise city is more like it. I wasn't aware I did the white man's overbite while escaping, but photos tell no lies. It's my hope this photo doesn't visit you in your nightmares as it has mine.

The perfect
Obsession For Men photo shoot ruined by the wrath of the waves. I am attempting to point at the people laughing at our faces. Those people are you and, as it's not very nice to laugh at those attempting to escape a salt water facial, it is equally unkind to point. Some turn the other cheek. I, however, fight fire with fire. So there.


aisy said...

i can't decide which photo makes me smile the most. is it dainon's funny running away face? is it the tanned arm and white chest? or is it the final photo where you are both getting a mouthful of salt water? thanks for the laugh. wish we had beaches here.

Dainon said...

I aim to amuse. Oceans make me happy for eons and pictures of me in oceans make you smile. We both win!

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