Monday, July 17, 2006

M!dget please!

I have no words today. Instead, I bring you laughter care of someone else. He almost has a cool name, too, and prolly got all the Son of Satan jokes (Damian, ha ha) that I had to sometimes endure, simply because I was that close to being named after his spawn. I almost was and he simply was. In all actuality, my name was prolly best inspired by a particularly delicious batch of strawberry-banana yogurt. I digress.

Go here and proceed to laugh your guts out. And by guts, I mean that last part, where he delves into the world of little people.


Cindy said...

It's even funnier in real life.

When I went down to Salt Lake and hung out with Damian, everyone kept asking me if it was the Damian from linkup and I kept saying, "NO....that's Dainon!"

Dainon said...

We're so misunderstood.

But he's funnier, so I'm glad you chose to hang with him instead of me. Satan-lover.

Cindy said...

I already forced you to go to one wedding reception with me, I couldn't do that to you again.

Manfoom said...

oh dear, my secret is no longer safe.

I have this knot in my stomach that little people that I know with see/read that and think the lesser of me.

robbinshood said...
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robbinshood said...

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