Thursday, July 20, 2006

What strange machines we are ...

Last night I helped interview Red Hunter (of Peter & The Wolf) on the radio, asking him random questions about his shows on highway overpasses and such. We talked music ... me talking about bands I thought he'd know, him talking about bands I've never ever heard of ... and we seemed to meet somewhere in the middle in this language we both attempt to understand. It was actually a great pre-show to The Show happening later on tonight, I think. He sang just four songs, but they were well-chosen, every one. Gotta love the post-Apocalyptic folk rock, right?

Afterwards we found a broken sprinkler outside and Emily, Red and I cooled ourselves off in the water while Kristina swore at her camera until it took pictures of us. Red didn't like getting very wet because, well, they were his only clean clothes after all. He just skipped through real quick-like. Gotta love the life of the gypsy singer.

It's been interesting watching this one unfold. I've gone from merely liking the band and buying a CD or two to finding him a venue to play in, writing an article on his band in the weekly rag, booking him a spot on the community radio station and telling everyone I know about the show. Really, they're sick of hearing about it from me. Too bad I enjoy it too much to complain. Maybe I ought to go into PR? The show goes on in just over an hour from now. I've built it ... but will they come?

Stay tuned ... (to be continued)

Listen to this!

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