Thursday, August 10, 2006

And the livin's easy

The excuse you give your boss

Warm chopped grass is on my menu
the special unexpected smell of today
and it breathes like summer should have
since this whole business of shining began
when pools laid out
invisible welcome mats.

It's not enough to parallel this with coffee
(the stuff I happily smell instead of drink)
but I imagine it's the more organic way to wake up
the double shaking of the shoulders
passing up cream and sugar
for the blue bright.

Get past the squint quick
and you realize that this is the day
to sit by the mailbox for three hours
start now
chew through the heady aroma of nature
take in the still-wet, being-painted landscape
the one you keep sprinkling with thoughts
and finally satisfied grins.

- D. Moody, 8/10/06


aisy said...

i love walking in to coffee shops and taking a big long sniff

ewesa said...

I just really like the pictures.

plainoldsarah said...

wow - good poetry AND pictures. nice work.

Dainon said...


The flowers were captured in Pennsylvania and the sky was prolly somewhere in Idaho. I aspire to be a nature photographer someday (not really).

ewesa said...

one of the flowers is shy. hee.

Pateflower said...

I like daiseys too...i once made a bed of daiseys as art. it was one of the best things i ever did my room became the most alive place while i was working on this the all white room full of daiseys my escapes from highschool days. ahh memories.