Monday, August 14, 2006

Bumbershoot, how I love thee

Well, true to form, the press folks handling Bumbershoot took their own sweet time getting to me about my press credentials. And, success of successes, I discovered tonight that I'll be covering it for the third year in a row (it's a good thing, too, lest that already purchased plane ticket go to waste). Another year of traipsing around the Seattle Center and Pike's Place Market for no particular good reason. Well, that's a lie, as there are many good reasons. I'll be looking for bands to listen to and admire (at the festival AND Easy Street Records), head-sized fish burritos to inhale by the half dozen, cheap burgers to eat (thank you, Dicks!) and friends to see and play ketchup with. Cindy's gonna buy me a bucket of seafood to tackle and Plewe might just allow me to sleep on her floor again and Jane might wave and say hi should she stick around long enough. I even think I might have to propose to Feist this trip as she'll be performing. Oh, the joy, the joy! Seattle, how do I love thee? The ways are varied and many and multifold. Maybe I'll even go see Jimi's museum for the first time ever? You are the home my entire being wants to reside at. I want to drink in your rain and stuff. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Past ventures in Bumbershootdom include this and this and even this. Gimme fodder to write about and I promise to throw up all over the Internet. It's a habit that's becoming worse with age.


Embrace the January gray
it's the one that lets you use head hair
as an umbrella, dig to the bottoms of pockets
and do the two-step around the biggest puddles
step on the middles of the small ones.

The fish still swim in the wind
ducks still eat and tacos (the fish kind)
they're fresh specials of today.
The sun is just a good idea, one
that might come back in three weeks
for a minute and only at lunchtime
when you're inside
drying off your damp.

Choose the new and step to
the sidewalk in his year suddenly here
to catch it between blinks, wet winks
its glimmer or shine is the new idea
you've had, how you want to go at at this round

the rays make you see it right.


plainoldsarah said...

oh, now i want to go! i miss seattle - the holiday town. it's a place where i imagine life is easy and troubles are nonexistent.

Cindy said...

This is one of the reasons why Bumbershoot is my favorite time of the year, Dainon comes to visit! How about we go watch the fish swim upstream to do it and then eat some fish at the Lockspot?

Dainon said...

Didn't we do that last time? I mean ... sounds gorgeous. Still, a big bucket of sea goodness versus a fried fillet just doesn't really compare, does it?

ewesa said...

this is off topic but I really like this new format of a photo/photos with the poem/and or words.

Dainon said...

Really? I thought you just liked the pictures? Thanks for your kindness.

Jane Says said...

when exactly do you fly in? perhaps i will be able to wave hi. it will be the 3rd annual bumbershoot meeting!

Cindy said...

Yes, we did do that last time. There was a squirrel involved and everything. Fine. I'll be more creative.

aisy said...

you do know feist is a lesbian right? but who knows, maybe you can woo her to our team with your charm.

looks like the 15 minute bumbershoot meeting between us won't happen. i'll be in victoria sailing with my folks... but we always have mason ;)

del_rex said...

Eat an entire "burgers by the bagful" for me...

Dainon said...

Jane: I think I fly in that Friday morning, but I'll double check. Why are you always going away when I make my annual pilgrimage? Curious indeed.

Lou: I know you have it in you. Every day's a holiday with you, Burt.

Aisy: Feist is a lesbian? For real? That completely foils my plan altogether. Though, well, if I turned her to our team, men would regard me as a man among men. I'll have to see what my confidence level is at.

Del: Burgers, burgers, burgers. I'll bring you back a bag, even. Honest.