Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Elvis died on this day in 1977

I can't believe I almost missed what today was, but today was the day Elvis died a really, really long time ago (okay, so I was three). In the past, I've made it a point to celebrate the day in remembrance, popping in on TV shows with myself or my now-defunct band. It's always been a whole lot of sloppy fun. Contrast that to today, when a co-worker had to say something to me about it. It would have totally escaped me otherwise. Yikes.

Best I can do to make up for it is showing everybody what I sometimes do as a second job

Inexplicably, this clip surfaced today as well. Coincidence? I wonder. I didn't even know it existed before now. This was filmed in a hospital room this past Valentine's Day. I was singing to my friend's dad, who was in and out of there around that time on account of his contracting cancer. Word on the street is that he's doing much better now.


ewesa said...

way to almost take out the tv stand. :)

bestsariah said...

You're completely famous.

I almost forgot tomorrow is Donnie Wahlberg's birthday. I know how you feel.

aisy said...

um, i meant to put this comment here and somehow put it on the post below... hence the comment delete.

what i was going to say was: (now it feels all anti-climactic)

i was still a month out from being born when poor elvis died.