Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Light Footwork cures the blues

Detroit blows. Some traveling snafus led to a very delayed (and ultimately cancelled) plane ride here, which led to us having to travel through Atlanta to get here and on and on. Time we were supposed to get in? Oh, six. Then 8:00. Time we did get here was, well, just after midnight. And I woke up to rain, lots of it. While I normally like it, it's not doing so much for my mood today. What did help, however, was discovering this video this morning.

It's being posted everywhere already, so I'm just doing my part. I've got the fever. Becca (one half of the Light Footwork) came by my house earlier this year (or was it last?) when I asked for a promo copy to review. I hadn't expected her to come herself, but she has Utah roots, so she just popped in one day. I sorta interviewed her, but mostly just asked questions for about an hour and gave her a bottle of the juice after. It made me very happy. I also feel a little guilty right now because I've yet to review the CD (though I've done so plenty in my mind and even played it on the radio, I swear).

Stuff I like about the video: the fact she can't stop smiling whenever she sings into the camera; the fact they are pretty much never in the shot together, leading one to believe they were likely filming one another; um, the incredibly great song; the fact that hell smells like the Great Salt Lake (you gotta listen to the very end to learn that ... or just live in Salt Lake City).

Enjoy! And if you like what you hear, you ought to check out the whole CD, along with the very cool Dr. Seuss cover art right HERE (yeah, Rick, click the word in ALL CAPS).


bestsariah said...

She popped in some guy's house who claimed he was going to write a review of her cd but instead he just asked her questions for an hour and made her drink juice. She's lucky she escaped with her life. You're a scary man, Dainon. (At least in the stories Becca tells.)

Sherpa said...

I played follow the leader and posted it over on my blog too.

ewesa said...

dude, that is a big mug of hot chocolate.