Saturday, August 26, 2006

A summer in photos

Looking back over the photos I've taken this summer, there are a few I never got around to sharing. They capture some of my good summer memories. And, no, summer's not over yet, but the cool air outside my window says it might be on its way.

Old Prospector guy, somewhere near Lake Tahoe. He was happy to show you his rock and/or hunk of gold (one or the other, I couldn't tell), but his face said something more along the lines of "I've been squatting this way for years, son. And I haaate squattin'." We took our photos and ran away before he could throw his rock at us.

This is my friend Ram at Giordano's. We'd stopped for a stuffed pizza in Chicago just after the final day of the Pitchfork Festival. It came highly recommended and we were starved, so something resembling a pizza cake just spelled happiness for us. And it mattered little that we had to wait over a half an hour. We were practically gnawing on our table by the time it arrived, but it was worth it. I like how you can see the steam coming off that pizza. We didn't wait for it to cool down, no way.

Hail Yeah! This was at the Sasquatch Festival at The Gorge in George, Washington. Iron & Wine had just finished its set when this freak hail storm came out of nowhere, completely drenching and pelting us simultaneously. I waited it out for 45 minutes next to a fence, completely determined to meet Sam Beam (which I did). Some people grabbed a tarp and turned it into the umbrella with many, many drunken feet.

In Mexico City this time. I wanted to be blessed by the Aztecs. It cost me just 100 pesos for it to happen, too. All it took was standing there and getting ordered around in Spanish while this woman chanted and rubbed me down with what looked to be old, semi-burnt weeds. She blessed me on all sides, however, and I got to reap the benefits. I feel very lucky. As did she, as a blessed white boy drummed up all kinds of business her after that.

This was during a snipe hunt in Pennyslvania. We eventually got rained out in the middle of a lightning storm, but not before running all over a cemetery in the nighttime, trying to scare one another and such. I snapped this there. Captures the mood of the evening, really.

See Chris. Well, part of Chris. Linda, Chris and I got to go kayaking in Yellowstone Lake some weeks back. I think we accidentally bonded and became better friends as a result. Do not underestimate the power of a good boat and a few oars (and a good tour guide or two).

Yellowstone. I think our ward trip may go down as the first one in Roosevelt's long history that included some skinny dipping in the moonlight. I was a distance away, but I know it happened. And you that shed your clothes do, too. Don't worry. I'm not gonna tell.

This was snapped at the tail end of Cinco de Moustache (May 5). It was my first year participating, but I fully plan on doing it again next year. And, yeah, that thing comes in totally dirty blonde. Go figger, eh?


eped said...

great pics Dainon! I had my first Giordano's Chicago pizza this last May too. looks like it's been a good summer.

and thanks for bringing back memories of the Zocalo.

bestsariah said...

The moustache makes you look like a dirty pervert.

Dainon said...

Oh, you'd love me as a dirty pervert, though. Really.