Saturday, September 09, 2006

I did it - My Space

When I look back upon my life, I think I will remember with some fondness that I got to be part of a real, live band. No, we didn't tour. We never played "Rawhide" in a rowdy bar. And I never seemed to totally get my way as the disgruntled band manager. But, somehow, the stars aligned for a bit and it happened: I, along with five other friends, got to dress up a pasttime and put it out there for people to enjoy along with us. What made it happen? What makes a few kids want to hit the stage and pass off rough-around-the-edges music? It translated into some wedding receptions, some church parties, a rest home, some fairs (or was it just the one?) and a handful of television performances. And, while these were the areas people saw us out of hiding, I think all of us will recall the practices even more.

This was when Tiny Tim and Elvis and James Brown each got impersonated. It's when we had to take breaks to eat brownies or soak in a hot tub. There was much laughter (and, admittedly, some tears) as we struggled to make sense of life along with one another, all the while providing it with a steady soundtrack. We supported one another and celebrated accomplishments. Even though we were a bit like the "anti-band", I think it was a pretty decent blueprint of what a band should be. We haven't played together for quite some time, but I think we may again someday. I'm not sure if The Shaved Belly Band could ever totally go away ... just into resting, perhaps.

On a wild hair, I decided to throw up a band profile at My Space. You know, just in case some record producer stumbles upon our stuff and wants to make us rich and famous (but mostly rich). If you click on this link, you can hear a couple of our songs, see a few photos and get a little nostalgic right along with me.

Just remember ... there's no crying in baseball.


ewesa said...

cheers to that! the good ole' days.

ewesa said...

oct. 13th... maybe time to reunite the band one night only... I'm comin' home. flights were cheap and my dad bought me a trip for my birthday, and ed's got the cabin reserved.
(ps- your sunglasses haven't turned up here yet. maybe they're simply still on the lamb, but I don't think so. will keep a steady lookout.)

Dainon said...

Oooh, that'd be a nice band night. The Bellies always have sounded better in the woods. Good call.

k8 said...

dainon, you are one of a kind.