Monday, September 25, 2006

Little Superstar

At some point, I'll tire of posting my finds on the Internet/YouTube. Luckily, I have yet to reach that point. This is so hard to look away from. So very, very hard.


UPDATE: I sent this to my friend Kyle yesterday. Talking to him this morn, I was relieved to hear that he, too, can't stop watching it. But only because he was horrified. He revealed that this dancing fool bears a striking resemblance to Shirley Temple, who is also horrifying. As in she prolly eats people in her spare time. Get that midget ('scuse me, little person) a pair of tap shoes, stat!


kipluck said...

*BLINKS* I am speechless.

bestsariah said...

He kind of looks like Provoboy.

Anonymous said...

His expression (maybe it's the teeth) is almost as scary as his dance moves.

kyality said...

Dood, until the other night my fears were: redheads, twins, Shirley Temple, and unicyclists, which on that last one is actually less of a fear of and more of a hatred for. So up until now, my worst fear would have been twin, redhead Shirley Temples on unicycles. But that concert just bumped Shirley to the top of the list.