Monday, September 11, 2006

Quick 'n dirty

Most recent Elvis sighting? The U of U football game this last Saturday.

I was called hours before asking if I'd perform and I pretty much nearly rejected doing it. But, considering it was for my friend's wife and that a little extra pocket money was hard to turn down (and that whole "face your fears" idea I'm still adhering to), I went out on a wild hair and did it: I sang "All Shook Up" at the top of my lungs in the Rice-Eccles Stadium for a crowd of thousands (well, tens, anyway ... all those who could see and hear me in the stands). She was sufficiently embarrassed -- it took her some serious urging to get her to stand. The second best part was when the two beer-drinkers the row behind me would join in on the little half-grunting part ("I'm in love *grunt* I'm all shook up!") Born grunters, both. The best part, however, was when everybody joined in on "Happy Birthday" without knowing what her name was. It was Brooke, but it came out "Happy birthday dear bsijpofdbluahoo ..." and I do believe I lost my composure laughing for a spell.

The wig has seen better days. Photos shown me afterward looked like I was wearing a big Russian hat atop my head instead of Elvis hair. Note to self: Get that thing tamed over at the wig shop and put a rush on it! Because you never know when Elvis will be in demand again ... right? Am I right or am I right?


Sherpa said...

Elvis will always be in demand. That's one of those certainties in life.

ewesa said...

I love that bsijpofdbluahoo had a birthday.