Wednesday, September 13, 2006

'Scuse me, have we met?

A bit of crap has hit the fan unexpectedly. In my heart, I want to go to Austin City Limits tomorrow. I mean, I've only planned this for months on end and have a free in to boot (press materials are my salvation, it's true). I will blame a flaky friend if it doesn't all pull together by morningtime. But, if it does, this will be the grand finale of a summer of music for me, perhaps the last of its kind. And I'll likely be back with photos and stories galore if'n it materializes. If if if. Perhaps it takes bucking up and vowing to sleep on the streets or some seedy bar in the downtown or standing around with a "Will Offer A Really Nice Smile For A Floor To Sleep On Tonight" sign in my paws? I'll dig down and deep into myself and see what kind of man I come up with. Good night, that's dramatic, eh? Stay tuned.


plainoldsarah said...

were you on the trip when we stayed at the hostel? such a nice place! easy bus ride to the festival location - or was it a walk? i think we did both. anyway, i vote heading down and seeing what happens. you make money you can always find a motel 8 right?

Dainon said...

Hostel is a big maybe. I take my leap of faith in less than two hours. I best get to packing, yes?

plainoldsarah said...

now that you're back do we get stories? ed reported you stayed in our old hostel - oooohh the memories! one of my favorite hostels ever.