Saturday, October 14, 2006

The best text message I've received in a long time

Courtesy of my friend and hair stylist Molly:

"I just saw a guy on a motorcycle in a bear costume and black leather pants. For a minute I wished I was that guy."

Dare to dream, Molly. Dare to dream.


eped said...


Anonymous said...

But then would she call herself a Bear stylist?

Molly said...

I could call myself a bear stylist...but i probably wouldn't be able to retain any clients because they would be too scared of me. If i was that guy i think i would stick to riding Harleys and cruising through the gears on the freeway.

I can only thank Dainon for recognizing that text message publically so that anyone who has read the blog can share in the few moments of bliss i experienced that day. That glorious day driving on the freeway.

Thank you Dainon, thank you!

ZLB said...

I have a gorilla costume. .. if somebody has a motercycle. . .and someone else leather pants. . . we can live the dream! viva la revolucion!