Monday, October 09, 2006

Fridays, I'm in love

Fridays are generally good at work. It's the "legal" day to wear jeans, everybody's checked out mentally to it being the weekend and, well, Saturday eve, hello? Last Friday was all of those things, but, I'm not going to lie, I didn't want to be there all that much. Funny then that the day turned out being more beautiful than the several months of Fridays that preceded it.

At some point, Matt mused that he'd pay Clint a whole $10 if he were to go swimming in the big muddy rain puddle outside that seperates us from our new buildings. I'm not certain why, no, but it's one of the better ideas he's ever come up with. I immediately said I'd match it (got so excited, I almost dropped a $20). It wasn't long before Clint was headed a short three miles home to gather up his swimsuit and towel at lunchtime. And, thanks to a little publicity by Yours Truly, by the time he finally returned, others in the office had allowed that number to rise to $50. In addition, he had an IOU for a lunch, a promise of a personal check for an undetermined amount "later" and a fun pack of peanut M&M's, all on the table.

Conditions? He had to immerse himself entirely, exercise some honest-to-goodness breast strokes and ... he had to ride some piping like he were riding a crazy bull in a rodeo. He made good on all three.

When I look back upon that Friday, there are many things I will remember. Black goggles and black trunks on one of the whitest non-albino men I know. Dropping trousers in the parking lot. Matt's laugh ringing out like the sound of an uncontrollable macaw parrot, releasing laughs that literally sent him to the ground. A near bellyflop into a shallow puddle, a white back covered in dark mud. Several very satisfied smiles, my own among them.

When he walked away, a towel was draped on his shoulders, not unlike James Brown finishing a concert. We'd witnessed greatness. Yes, Clint became a man that day. His voice is a whole octave lower now even.

Some people watch The Office and call it genius. Me, I'm lucky enough to live it.


Obvious Expert said...

That was very nice to read the word "non-albino" coming from you. Not quite flattering, but nice.

ewesa said...

I'm a "non-albino" too. non-albinos unite! power to the not-quite-colorless!

Anonymous said...

THAT IS AWESOME. I watch the Office and love it. AND I watch you live the Office and love it.

Anonymous said...

That truly was awesome!!!

Why... I'd say your journaling coupled with the delightful footage deserves an award for blog entry of the year. No, century.


stacer said...

HA! That's great. I love it.

By the way, can you tell me who sings this version of Dirty Water? I've tried to find it ever since I left Boston (it was on the radio every day there) and I keep getting versions by people who are not this band.

Dainon said...

The Standells.

Cindy said...

That was awesome. Is that guy single? He's cute!

Dainon said...

He's as single as they come, yes. And you wouldn't be robbing the cradle too bad if you were to take the Clint plunge.