Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's a sign

When I woke up this morning, Peter & The Wolf's "Safe Travels" was stuck in my head and I started singing it out loud. I did this after swearing at myself for falling asleep at 2 A.M. and burning a pumpkin pie cake, having had baked it five hours longer than it was supposed to have been. I'm pretty sure it's a sign. The song, I mean, not the punkin burning.

Last we heard from Red (you'll remember him as the singer of the outfit), he'd toured by sailboat for a few weeks this summer. This was after Ram and I helped him out on percussion when he played on a street corner in Chicago one lovely night. I had some serious delusions of grandeur, thinking that we would help him on stage when he opened for Camera Obscura, but the power in the building went out an hour before the show was to start. That concert was cancelled. Instead, he sold a few discs to some kids while I banged on a drum and Ram shook a lone maraca. Red thanked us by buying deep dish pan pizza after. That's a good memory.

Remember when he came here last time? The junk orchestra and everything? It was too short (much like many of his lovely songs are) but we all witnessed something pretty special that night: a musician sharing his art. The music of a modern day gypsy, really. And I got waffles after with Red and some friends so, once again, full bellies equate happiness and good memories.

Now he's touring again (though I'm not very certain he ever really stops), along with Califone. He'll be in Salt Lake City at Urban Lounge on the 17th (this Tuesday for the calendar impaired). Starts at 10 P.M. Just $8 if you're into it. He's likely one of the friendliest guys you'll ever meet. Buy him a drink and he'll share stories of the road, sailboat ... whatever. Buy his latest Lightness and you gain a friend for life. Seriously. There are few like him out there.

Listen to these ... The Highway and The Bonsai Tree

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Dainon said...

Did anybody make it to the show? I was out of town, on business.