Thursday, October 12, 2006

New York, New York

I like New York City in the Fall, though I've liked it pretty much every time I've had the chance to visit. I suppose I could list a lot of high points of my recent trip (visiting Central Park for the first time was one of them, for sure), but I'm just going to offer one.

Our first night there, we ate at a very Italian restaurant. The waiter's accent was so thick, I could hardly understand a word he said. And when he ended up serenading us while we were eating, it was an ambush. None of us saw it coming. It was loud and exuberant and he surprised us into smiling.

Later on that evening, I dropped a line to the Italian woman I work with and told her that the singing in Italian and such had reminded me of her. In response, she wrote the following:

"That's cool how our brain can always chain different situations formerly lived with the present and make us live in a multi dimensional way!"



bestsariah said...

You just blew my mind.

Sherpa said...

Hey, I was in nyc last weekend.

Dainon said...

I wasn't. But I was there Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Ships in the night, eh?