Wednesday, November 22, 2006

50 things I'm thankful for

Because you love lists and I appear to love compiling them, here's an appropriate one to share on the eve of Thanksgiving. This is the third holiday seson I've done such a list (but the first time I'm sharing it with the blog world). I'm grateful for the fact I remember to reflect at different moments during the year, jotting down these small things that occur to me before they head elsewhere. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

I’m thankful for …

1. Really comfortable socks.
2. New socks? Even better.
3. Getting to sleep on newly cleaned sheets.
4. The word “spigot”. I like to say it over and over.
5. Live songs that last 45 minutes long (thank you, Sons of Nothing, for your hypnotic take on “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”)
6. The ukulele and the songs that tend to accompany it.
7. The ahi tuna appetizer at Ruth’s Chris restaurant in Michigan
8. The way people from New Zealand talk.
9. Seattle and the way fish tastes there.
10. Finding those who appear to be on the same wavelength as myself. They are few and far between, but it sure saves a lot of explanation time.
11. Renewals. Especially ones marked with rainfall.
12. Austin, TX.
13. Falling fast asleep while reading. There’s just not enough time to take it all in. Perhaps what I’m really thankful for are books good enough to end up doubling as accidental pillows?
14. Being paid for writing from my makeshift office … and, better yet, my bed.
15. Hopeful musicians.
16. Having the opportunity to date a Salma Hayek lookalike …
17. … even if it was for only one week. Still. That’s seven days of amazingness.
18. The wisdom of the aged. Then actually taking said wisdom to heart and learning from it.
19. Forgetting to set the alarm, yet still making it to work on time.
20. Oh, accents. The right turn of phrase said in the right kind of curious way has the power to turn my knees into melted butter.
21. The ability to choose happiness each day.
22. Musicians who don't have to try all that hard to sound good, the kind that have music coursing through their veins.
23. The harmonica, as well as those who wail on it.
24. Ray LaMontagne bootlegs.
25. Graceland and the still seemingly starstruck tour guides that accompany it.
26. The peace that accompanies a book of poetry (thank you, Billy Collins).
27. The consistent laughter that comes from a night of David Sedaris’ musing.
28. A perfectly sweet banana.
29. An unsanctioned lower back massage.
30. October sunburns.
31. Miniature pirates with one goal/bounty in mind: candy.
32. Trader freaking Joe’s. Or, to be specific, soy nuts covered in dark chocolate.
33. The mangosteen.
34. How blessedly consistent some are in my constantly inconsistent life. It boggles the mind on one hand and gives me something to strive for on the other.
35. Witnessing tears that morph into smiles.
36. People blessed with the ability to massage shoulders properly.
37. Fast Christmas music (preferably with a harmonica and fiddle included).
38. That complete strangers still ask other strangers for help – and, additionally, being that stranger and knowing how to show a pretty girl around a phone book.
39. Knowing people who know people I don’t really know. Useful people. Embrace the power of networking and you discover an expert in every field.
40. Being invited. I can’t always go, but being remembered is usually enough.
41. Those uppity-ups at KRCL that allow me to play my strange collection of music for all of Utah valley to hear.
42. Doing two whole shows of Christmas music in December? Even better.
43. The power of love that emanates from a proper hug.
44. Emotions that come in color, undiluted and beautiful.
45. Being allowed the unique opportunity to fall for an ex-girlfriend every time I see her, yet keeping it all to myself – the kind of secret I’ll never tell her, but one I enjoy every time it comes up.
46. When autumn winds smell of snow and zipped up winter coats.
47. A well-paced movie. Provided there’s a good story, you can take all the lazy time in the world to tell it.
48. Frank Capra.
49. The upright walking hippos upstairs, the ones inspiring my writing.
50. That misunderstandings are, well, just that.


Anonymous said...

spigot... That IS fun.

Anonymous said...

You get paid for what you do in bed. Lucky duck.

Anonymous said...

You are wonderful.

(Keep us posted on when those Christmas shows are!)

Anonymous said...

So, I was gonna comment on 'spigot' then I saw someone else did, but I don't care. I'm a spigot fan too.

Anonymous said...

I want to know where Ruth’s Chris restaurant in Michigan is... I'm sure you can figure out who I am.

Anne said...

What a great list. I especially enjoyed #'s 16 and 17, and I definitely identify with number #45, although in my case it isn't something that I enjoy, it's something that pisses me off.