Monday, November 27, 2006

Good music knows no bounds

Matt actually gave me this idea. I just ran with it.

Some time ago, he mentioned that Sufjan Steven's last album (Illinois, not The Avalanche)
was so good, he wanted to just give the gift of Sufjan all year long, right up until he ran out of people to give it to. I'm not entirely sure he ever did so, but I was entirely happy to start paying it forward, so to speak. I had a couple extra copies of each of the aforementioned purchased solely for that purpose. Giveaways. I was so pleased with both that I knew I would run into someone at some point to give them away to. And not just giving them away to whoever, either ... but to those who asked for him by name. Those who recognized that a) I'd either blathered on an on about how good he sounded or b) they'd finally discovered how good on the ears he was/is. First was my friend Krisanne in Oregon (she sent me European chocolates as a thank you). Second was Caroline, yesterday afternoon. She'd seen the wall of music in my home and we decided on a bit of a trade (she shared some rockabilly Christmas music and I, well, the Suf). While I have hers on "seasonal borrow", she gets to listen to SStevens' acoustic take on "Chicago" whenever she damn well pleases. Forever even. And that, my friends, is how it should be. I encourage all y'all to do the same. 'Tis the season after all, but you can do this any time o' the year. Good ideas always stay good.


Sherpa said...

I like passing on music, just because. I was just thinking of this yesterday when a friend told me he was making me a Decemberists compilation CD.

ewesa said...

good idea!

Alisa said...

Sufjan is my hero. Long live the Sufjan! You seem to have had more success converting people than I have. :/ Have no fear, I won't give up. It's for a good cause.