Thursday, November 23, 2006

It's no shame about Ray

I have no photographic evidence that I attended the Ray LaMontagne show on Monday. First of all, I wasn't exactly as close as I had hoped I'd get. Secondly, the lights were so low, anybody trying to photograph or film the show probably had a very difficult time doing so. And, lastly, by the time I'd come up with the brilliant idea to snap a picture of the marquee outside (after the concert had ended, no less), they'd already changed it to announce their next headliner: Anne Murray. Depressing.

I can, however, share a couple of quick stories before linking you to my review. First, they had a screen set up that allowed you to broadcast text messages on it by dialing a certain number. I was able to put up one that read "emily wants to have ray's babies. i just want his beard." before he took the stage. I was very proud of that. Also, I love the feel of a cool floor under my feet, so I took my shoes off for the concert. Quickly slipping them on and escaping afterward, I didn't bother with tying my shoelaces. Bad idea. Lots of people + long, dragging shoelaces = many, many near faceplants. And a person that says, "If your mom were here, she'd get after you for not tying those things. You could trip somebody!" I didn't laugh when they did.

It was a superb concert. Fantastic. I used to tell people I wanted to be a syndicated columnist in my dream life. Now I believe I just want to review concerts in locales I'm not entirely familiar with. It allows me to experience music I know with new eyes ... a bit like meeting an old friend in an area I've never been. It's prolly why I talked so much in this review. Nah. I blame it entirely on the subject matter. Hope you like.

(gotta do that for my colorblind stepfather)


ewesa said...

I wonder if ray will ever be happy..

Dainon said...

I'm sure he smiles sometimes. I'm not certain when, but perhaps in the least expected moments. Happiness for him likely comes in sharing music, even though it's a painful process for him to do so.