Saturday, December 02, 2006

Write my poetry

I fell asleep Thursday night before I was able to complete my nightly ritual of writing a poem. I woke up on my book and pen and quickly cast both aside as I gave in to the Sandman. So, as it stands, I think my poem's a few lines or a stanza short of being complete. So, here goes the experiment ... tell me how you think this one should end. Just leave your proposed ending in the comments, yeah? Here's throwing caution to the wind ... or issit creativity? Both apply, right? Anyway, can't say this one's necessarily great, but the snow was falling fast (or just had) and it directed this one like a runaway run-on sentence or thought or car on the ice. It's plenty raw. But still.


This is coldness
when the fluffy blankets are suggestions
more than aids, when knuckles won't stop
with choosing white over pink or flesh colored
(like the crayons, the ones the prejudices still don't quite agree on)
and this means indoor weather always and forever
the windows protecting from the snow
though it bites through sweaters
more than it does dandruff flurry
atop shoulders

it'll be back to make roads slippery again
taunt would-be sledders with ramps
for now, it must be said again

this week is blamed on Mark Eubank
for stepping down just yesterday
he's no Bob Barker, whole hog until 80+
but passing the baton to his son
damned the weatherworld with a curiosity
no one wants to understand
records will and are broken
but it ain't nothing



ewesa said...

to make life end
but maybe something to switch towns for.
Mark is done with it anyway,
gone on to sunny st. george
leaving his son to be
stuck infront of the big blue screen
like a felt cutout
on one of those old fabric storyboards
from the 60's

Dainon said...

By jove, I think you've got it!

Plewe, you're a lil slice of amazing, aincha? I didn't expect that great an ending right out of the gate.

But don't allow that deter the rest of you ... feel free to still contribute if you feel you have something brewing. Writing rules.

plainoldsarah said...

i was going to give similar praise to plewe but i was afraid of getting in trouble for writing something that wasn't part of the poem. i'm not so good at such things. but i really love what plewe wrote. i LOVE the fabric storyboard reference. perfect.

ewesa said...

thanks friends. sorry I missed your calls tonight, it was so nice to come home to messages though that I'm secretly sort of glad, because messages are comforting and there's something solid about them.
hey D, I was looking at a friend's velvet painting of joseph smith and I think maybe the kenny could get regifted to a home that loves and appreciates it for it's velvetness. but then I thought.. naw. :)