Thursday, January 25, 2007

Doin' D.C.

During the past several days, I’ve wandered around Washington, D.C., a place I’d never previously been. With my work being what it is (traveling and writing, writing and schmoozing, etc., etc.), I don’t usually have the requisite time to wander. This was one of those unusual personal vacation treks, though, so I had plenty of time to do so. I walked a lot, gave thanks on multiple occasions for my long homemade scarf and bonded plenty with my new iPod. It was lovely, really. I’d like to go back when the sun is actually giving off some heat.

Some of my sights included the following (in no real order):

• a jazz church fish fry, where I both listened (and sang along) to jazz and ate my share of fried Whiting (though I’d recommend the baked, if you ever get there)
• some of the craziest windy streets I’ve ever been on (ever)
• watching millions of dollars get printed up, subsequently being suckered into buying a pad of paper made up of recycled dollar bills. Did you know they print over $690 million a day over there?
• seahorses in the National Aquarium for the something-or-other. It certainly wasn’t worth the $5 to get in, but I’d never seen seahorses. Also, it was good to note that my late piranha (The Stooges Three) were at least three times the size of the school of 9-10 they had on display there. The partition in front of that tank was amusing to me. I never needed any steenking paritions!
• George Dubya’s house, as well as his welcome party, complete with guns and such. That’s gotta be boring. Graceland’s better.
• The Metro. It totally trumps our sad Trax station, and is much more fun to ride all the same. And …
• On that same note, Trader Joes’s could easily beat Wild Oats in an arm wrestle contest. It’d sure be nice if TJ’s ever ventured this far out. One can wish and pine and wish s’more. Until then, I can shop for groceries and pack home things like dark chocolate soy nuts and pancake mix. Hey, at least SLC has the Rio, right?
• The Capitol, Washington Monument and countless Smithsonian museums. I just love that all of that sightseeing was free. Really amazing to me. And nice to my wallet.
• The area’s first snowstorm of the winter. And no less than three car accidents on the same corner of my friend’s place there. And, I’m not going to lie to you, hearing cars actually hit does amount to some kind of a rush. Seeing people limp away from said cars, however, does not.
• Facial hair at church (on men). It’s embraced outside of this state. I haven’t shaved since Sunday in celebration. Long live the scruff, I say. It ought to be a religious rite to wear hair on our faces. Who wants to start a petition?

There’s other stuff, but this is the most revealing point, I think: Though I don’t believe I’m quite apathetic when it comes to politics and history, stopping at the White House did very little for me. Lincoln Memorial, on the other hand, was moving. I mean, I stood where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his “I Have A Dream” speech. That completely thrilled me. Am I proud to be an American? Yeah, most of the time. Do I embrace the freedoms offered me. I certainly do. And it was a nice delve into that side of me, one I rarely seem to visit.

I really ought to do tourism for the DC area. In the meantime, I recommend you give it a visit someday, sometime. It’s a pretty good vacation destination, methinks. And, if you go, can I at least offer you the name of a good Thai restaurant in Oldtown? I’m still having savory dreams about that place. Just let me track down my receipt and I’l let you in on that secret.


Rae said...

I am definately in need of a good Thai restaurant in Old Town...Can you share the wisdom?

Dainon said...

The restaurant: Mai Thai. And anything that combines beef and curry and coconut goes down real, real nice. Fer real.

Sherpa said...

19 degrees tonight---homemade scarves are my best friend.

Hearing that a friend is pleased with my town? Its kind of like when you introduce someone to a band and they really like that band. You get a nice warm feeling inside.

Aislinn said...

it even made this canuck feel tingly inside. i hear there are some trader joe's west of there but apparently we're not cool enough for one here. booo

Kipluck said...

Someday I totally need to go to DC. Technically I have gone, but I only know that because of pictures. And they COULD be lies, if my parents wanted to they could have gotten a picture of the Lincoln statue and them holding some random infant and just claimed it was me. So someday I am going to go when I actually am AWARE of my surroundings.

Rae said...

Mai Thai..I've heard of it, now I will have to try it. Thanks. Sherpa you up for dinner some night?

plainoldsarah said...

i plan to visit dc over the spring holiday - i'll try mai thai. i HAVE seen the acquarium - boring!

as for trader joe's - my sisinlaw from d.c. contacted them to request one in utah and they said if they get enough requests from an area they'll do it. she's in south jordan, though, so that won't be super close for us - but us downtowners can get our own petition going.

SJ said...

"Washington DC is paradise to me...that's where my baby lives that's all" -Magnetic Fields

SJ said...

So did the Great Dainon and the Sherpa finally meet?

Dainon said...

The Sherpa hid under a rock, so there was no meeting. I should have planned better and tried to schedule something in advance, but I didn't expect to have so much free time towards the end to do that sort of stuff. Maybe it's better to remain online cohorts?

"And never the 'twain shall meet ...."

Cindy said...

I had that same experience with Sherpa when I went out there.

I like your picture of the Washington Memorial.

heatherlynn said...

i love this post. i love my home. i love it when other people find it and love it. yay for your great trip!!

thanks for sharing!

Sherpa said...

Rae- Sure, that sounds cool.

Dainon-I hid under a rock? That sounds about right. Online Cohorts? Fo' Sho. Maybe one of these days the stars will be aligned and we'll meet.

Cindy-you and I were in the same cultural hall--Dainon and I were probably just a block or two apart according to his pix.

SJ-that's a nice quote.

Mikusan said...

So did you get any advice from Honest Abe like Mr. Smith did?

Dainon said...

Funny you mention that, considering that movie was being played by some roommates that very weekend.

No advice. But I'm pretty sure I beamed a lot. And a definite sense of pride hung around there, too.