Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Leaving on that jet plane

I leave for my Asian adventure in just a few hours. I can't sleep, of course.

I'll be headed out to the Philippines first (well, Oregon and Japan before that, if you're one for counting layovers, which I'm not), then on to Hong Kong for about a day, then to Singapore, then over to Australia and THEN rounding it all out with a bit of a look-see in New Zealand. I'd like to do some bungee jumping in NZ, truly, but even writing about it now makes my blood run cold through my veins. Literally.

I can't imagine what would happen if I were to do a 100 meter swan dive.
Well, I can imagine, certainly, but it's not a pretty picture. It doesn't involve my dipping my head into the waters below. It involves the cord snapping.

At least I know the Philippines. It's the only place I'll have been in that list of stop-overs. At least I can fake like I can speak like the locals. A local with a speech impediment, but a local nonetheless. It'll be nice to get back there and taste what real rice tastes like all over again.


Sherpa said...

I get butterflies when I am about to embark on a new adventure. But by the time I dip my toe into the water...before I know it I'm cannonballing in mid-air, and all anxieties are a thing of the distant past.

I can't wait to hear(read) about your trip!!

aisy said...

you look sooo young in that pic. not that you look old now but you know what i mean.

Sarah said...

I don't know, from that commercial it looks like people yell a lot.
safe travels!

Mr. Cougarford said...

I asssume you packed your Downy Naturals.

Dainon said...

Oh, I am young in that pic. Very young. That's me, like, 25 pounds ago, too. Yikes.

With Tylenol PM and unlimited edited movies on the plane ride over as my friends, I have arrived. It's about 3 in the morningtime and I am so ready to party. Okay, I'm so ready for sleep, but still.

And, yes, the Downy Naturals have kept me away from steenking flying fish. So far.

Need sleepy.

SJ said...

Look at that baby-sweet face! I just want to take you home and make you chocolate chip cookies or something. That miss pic is adorable!

Kipluck said...

Awww... old mission pics with little kids... and LITTLER kids that have no tags... just make me smile. I can't believe my baby bro goes to Italy soon.

Have fun rockin' it up over there. At least this time you don't have to get up early or tract.

Wenna said...

Dainon, you look so innocent! It's soo not you! Haha! :D Kidding. ;) So that's why you were here for 2 years... You were in a mission... Very sweet. :) Have a safe trip back!