Friday, January 12, 2007


This week, I found out I'll be touring the globe throughout the year, visiting some places I've never ever ever seen before. Talk about your job perks, eh? I'm a big fan of those SkyMiles, though, as I plan to hit Hawaii later in the year. I'm like the Cookie Monster when it comes to those... "Gimme! Gimme!" Starting Jan. 31 and ending, oh, mid-February sometime, I'm going to be wandering around Asia in flipflops, getting used to sweating all over myself and hoping my luggage doesn't get lost. Maybe I'll try and deliver some observations from the road? Definitely. At any case, here's some of the places I'll be for those couple weeks. I can't wait. Anybody wanna live in my condo and check my mail while I'm gone? Seriously.

The Philippines
Hong Kong



good year

ZLB said...

no I don't want to house sit, but I will volunteer for luggage sherpa/slave, I'm real good at hauling things on my back and not getting lost.

aisy said...

ha ha, zlb said basically what i was going to. enjoy!

plainoldsarah said...

well i'm not too far from your place, i could easily hit the mailbox occasionally for you.