Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Homeward bound.

The time travel begins in about an hour or so. I leave at 8:20 at night on Valentine's Day and return about four or five hours before I left. How bizarre is that?

If I was ambitious enough to post a photo of my face right now, you'd see that it's unshaven and my hair is all mussed. I can't wait to settle in for a long airplane nap. In all actuality, though, I'll be reading. Many hours in a row are made for reading. Let's hope I'm in the mood for something good.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's, everyone. Where ever in the world you are, I hope you ate chocolate (whoops ... speaking from the future again. It's V-Day in this part of the world.).


Cindy said...

Welcome home space man!

ewesa said...

now I can't stop thinking of that song! AND there's a space song I like, so now the two are competing in my head.
anyway, I liked reading the travelogues, you did good. the post about australia was my favorite. kind of sad to see them end, so, go travel more.