Monday, February 12, 2007

I don't want to set the world on fire.


I don't want to bore anyone tonight with my traveling stories and wanderings of the brain, so today I'll refrain a little in that department.

Just know that I am in New Zealand today and I've marvelled at the fantastuc greens of this area, not to mention seeing hills that actually do roll (Auckland last night, Rotorua tonight). I supported my friends who plunged 300 feet at a bungee jump, but felt little need or desire to drop $100 to do the same. Stayed at a dirty hostel, even, though the people I'm traveling with don't seem to much care for that. Can you beat $19 a night? I think not. Up next, possibly some mountain biking, some beach-seeking and more pretending like I'm a sponge, so's I can soak up everything I can about this area. It is a wonder to see. I'm still wide-eyed, but I'm no longer bushy-tailed. The steam is starting to run out. The wear and tear of two weeks of globe trotting is finally taking its toll. I look forward to going home this week. I need to reacquaint myself with my bed.

In the meantime, I'd advise you to listen to that song above, which is Eef Barzelay (he of the Clem Snide fame) covering an old nugget from the Ink Spots. It's a beauty; its title alone speaks to how I feel tonight, barefoot and in a hotel lobby and slightly delirious. I'd also like to share a song/video that I can't seem to stop watching and listening to (though for completely different reasons). I may not ever be able to sing along, but that is one unstoppable beat. And we have M.I.A. and the tribe she's cozying up to to thank for it. I especially dig that little kid dancer. You'll know who I mean when you see him. Enjoy, my friends.


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Sherpa said...

That song makes me happy. $19 for a hostel? You're my kind of traveler.