Saturday, February 03, 2007

I've upped the stakes

I’m definitely addicted to mangoes. The Filipino variety are unique in their own rite – and absolutely nothing like the ones in America – so I've been trying to eat and eat and eat my fill. They’re a yellow-orange, longer and slimmer than the ones you’re likely used to and just sweeeet (matamis!). Very, very sweet. I’ll be sad when they find me trying to smuggle a bundle of them in my carryon tomorrow, on our way to Hong Kong. So, so sad.

In other tastes, I’ve also eaten enough mangosteen to last me at least a year. They’re the ones XanGo Juice are so centered on and apparently they were in season when we hit Davao last night. You haven’t lived completely until you’ve had one of these lil perfect purple fruits. And, well, we went through at least 30 of them in a few hours’ time.

We were also coerced into trying a fruit called durian. It’s not one I’d necessarily advise you try out, but it’s not wholly terrible either. It just, well, stinks incredibly bad. In fact, in finally attempting to locate some last night in our friends’ SUV (that’s Sports Utility Van), I could smell it before we even got out of the vehicle.
The tagline is awesome, though – they say it “smells like hell, tastes like heaven”. I just want it to be made into a juice so that little nugget can be slapped on the bottle. It was so stanky, we only tasted it and paid for that portion, before the vendor tied it shut. Tightly. We didn't want it stinking up the car and our hotel actually doesn’t allow durian to enter its doors on account of its staying power. I think that’s awesome.

Today’s favorite moment was probably when our driver (the one who was busy taking us from the airport to our hotel) overheard me talking about a bread called “pan de coco”. It's a roll with young coconut on its insides and was once a very real staple of my diet. He mentioned a bakery they’d likely have it, then drove right to its doors (who needs roads?). This is significant because the place had no parking lot, period. He crossed a few lanes of road, honked hard at the taxi in front of the bakery until it moved, then drove over the sidewalk and right to the front door. Where’s that red carpet again? I located the delicious bread. And our driver won a much-deserved tip.

In rounding off this lil piece on food, then, here’s a couple shots of the dessert I had a couple nights ago. It was billed as “chilled mango pudding”, but I wasn’t expecting it to look at all like this.

There’s more to say, certainly, but I feel like I haven’t slept in days. I’d like to tell you about how disappointed we were we couldn’t get to a cock (rooster) fight as we’d all desperately wanted to see one go down (and failed on a few attempts to get to one, too). I could also cry some crocodile tears about not carrying out my desires to sing at a karaoke/videoke into the wee hours of this morning. Instead, however, I’m giving into heavy eyelids.

Right meow, I mean, now.


Sherpa said...

That dessert looks chinese new year..on a white dish.

Cindy said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmangosteen........ I had that for the first time in Bali. So good! I wish they had it here too.

Those fish desserts look so tasty I want to lick them through the monitor.

Wenna said...

Ey! That's my mom! Thanks for writing about the mangosteen and the durian, Dainon! I guess SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle... :) But that's ok.. Haha

bestsariah said...

That's a lot of fruit for one body. Next comes diarrhea?

Kipluck said...

I LOVE Mango!!!! Especially the kind from the Philippines, Cebu... MMMMMM!!!!

Dainon said...

SUV = Sports Utility Van, kaibigan. Cause your dad happens to drive one of those.

Wenna said...

Yup, that's a Mitsubishi Adventure Super Sport... (

It's just that some say vehicle.. :) I'm sorry for sounding like a know-it-all, Dainon... didn't mean to... *peace* :)

Anonymous said...

That dessert looks so perfect.

Mangoes are my very favorite food.