Sunday, February 04, 2007

Look, Ma! I'm in Hong Kong!

Because every spot outside of the US of A is a special scenic opportunity
There's a whole lot more where this came from, too. Skyscrapers everywhere. Hong Kong is known for its industry and wealth. As for its effect on me, well, it makes me feel small. Truly.
This would be the obligatory "get me in front of the Hong Kong cityscape" shot.
It did involve some hiking to get there, as well as one very cramped taxicab ride, a subway trip, some wandering around a shopping mall and several escalators so, yes, that is an undeniable look of pride on my face that you see. There's every reason in the world for that to be there, too. I just can't deny that.
As a matter of fact, I'm still proud.

The hills are alive ... (you know the rest)
I like that my breakfast comes with a little tree here. I wonder if I get to keep it? I could plant it back at home, or just pull it out whenever I'm serving up some a big stack of pancakes and some hash browns.


Cindy said...

I've been there! I was at the temple dedication, it's one of my most favorite temples ever. I was also attacked by hoards of mosquitoes there. They were swarming me and I looked over at my friend Jen and she was wearing a tank top and shorts (I had on pants and a regular t-shirt) and not a single skeeter was on her.

aisy said...

wouldn't it be lovely to always have your breakfast served like that?

Kipluck said...

I feel like having my breakfast under a tiny tree now. But I'll probably just buy mine at WalMart. BLEH.

Dainon said...

They took my tree when they picked up my plate and other things today. I'm not happy about this. At least I made out like a bandit with those thimble-sized jars of jam. Take that!