Monday, February 05, 2007

This is how it should be.

There is so much to say right now. After a full day of walking up and down the streets in Hong Kong, I have photographs and stories galore and, well, I guess I’ll get to all of that soon enough. I’ve something else on my mind of late.

I recently reconnected with a friend of mine via the trusty e-mail process and she allowed me a little window into her soul. I’m beyond appreciative. I think it hit me hardest due to the fact she was mirroring some of my thoughts. And, considering she did it much better than I ever might, I sought out her permission in sharing a portion of it right here and now. (She gave it to me.) Here goes:

“i just feel very light and centered. i went for a walk this morning and all of the trees looked so vibrant and the air felt really clean. i've been thinking about these ‘this is God’ moments i've been having a lot -- moments when everything feels aligned -- and i think, ‘yes, this is God.’ for example, the other day i was standing on the corner of burnside in downtown portland, right across from this giant bookstore called Powells. it was a bright, cold saturday morning. i was standing with a group of people waiting for the crosswalk to clear, and i felt this overwhelming sense of connectedness to these strangers. it seemed like we were all smiling, breathing in the sunshine and each other. at that moment, i felt like i had arrived. that this was how life is beyond the pain and frustration of day to day living -- this sort of quiet connectedness.”

Man, I love that. I really do. I think she gets it, or the portion of that great “it” that matters, anyway. The word “light” is one I’ve been getting some real usage out of as well … it best suits the way I’m getting along.

There have been these moments of late when I have felt so completely buoyed up that I have felt I’ve reached the absolute extent of my happiness, that there is no way in this wide world that I can become more thrilled than I am right then and right there. I feel incredibly blessed to have reached the point I am in my life presently. The experiences I’ve been able to have have been rather phenomenal (and this business of Asian gallivanting is just a small portion of that). It’s as if, every now and again, I’m being hugged, good and hard and long.

I am thankful that I’m allowed the ability to manage the doom and gloom of my life with a smile. I hurt a little for those who aren’t able to do so (and depression is very real, certainly). At the same time, I’d like to continue to stretch this out for as long as I possibly can. Life just seems to be getting sweeter as the days progress. And I’m all for that.


SJ said...

Sometimes I think you might be homosexual-not that there's anythin wron with that...naw, just kiddin, i'm just havin a touh time bein heart-touched. That was beautiful!

Sherpa said...

This really touched me. I went through a bit of the blues the last couple of days, which always throws me for a loop since I'm a happy person, even when life isn't going so well. Since yesterday several people have said things that have touched me and unknowingly given me a verbal pat on the back. You're one of them.

Sarah said...

ahhh. good. :)