Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

inspired by sherpa


heatherlynn said...

oh dainon ALL of these travel posts are so so so so great! i have loved loved loved living through your adventures!!!! yay! and have a FABULOUS read on that plane and an EXCELLENT sleep when you return to the slc! lvs, h.

ZLB said...

slide show? I'll trade you a love mix for it.

ewesa said...

"hairy" and "crab"? to advertise food? that you eat? hm. and I'd have to guess that 9 times out of ten, raw fish isn't lucky. more.. stinky. stinky raw fish. that should bring 'em in.

Sherpa said...

Hey, its up!

Very cool.

Somehow I think my shiny, bald crabs would be turned away at the door. Or the hairy crabs would just mock them.