Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I made these.

Since you aren't awake when I do my radio show in the wee hours of morning, I thought I'd bring a bit of the Red Eye to each of you. I made a couple radio promos for my show over the weekend and, well, I think they turned out right nice. The new equipment/program was remarkably easy to manage ... so user-friendly, a two-year-old could do it! Without telling you how long it took me to produce these, I will reveal that I was even able to manage a nice effect on my voice, so's I sounded a bit more like a pilot might through the intercom. Both will be played at random during other radio programs, encouraging the night owls in the valley to stay up late.

Which one you like better?

camera one
camera two


aisy said...

my vote is for camera one

sarahbellum said...

both great, but my vote is for #1--the tweedy always prevails.

plainoldsarah said...

i liked the beat in camera one - overall it sounded more intense. and i liked the bit about rocking out since only the odd guy in back was watching (and you).

ewesa said...

yep. number 1. methinks you've listened to a lot of pilots lately, I was almost convinced I was flying!

Dainon said...

Hehehe ... yes, I've had too, too many miles in the air, this is true.

Both are running on the radio right now, but you chose well, the lot of you! Thanks.