Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm the ho.

I expected Coeur D’Alene to be prettier than it was. When I told people I was shipping out to Idaho for a business trip at the beginning of this week, people took it upon themselves to make fun of my having to do so. When I told them where it was (and you may applaud my having learned how to spell it at long last), they all but took back their needling. It’s likely prettier in the summer (or so I’m told), but it’s still the greenest part of the state I’ve seen. It’s full of moose and Kodiak bears and foxes (though we saw not a one of the purported wildlife). We got to stay by this amazing lake, one that was much too cold to walk along the floating dock/pier for too long a period of time. Still, as far as endless green trees and a big, fat lake are concerned, you can’t get much better than what we experienced. They even have a floating green as part of their golf course, something they’re very, very proud of.

If I were to head back, it’d be for a few reasons. One, I slept on the most comfortable bed I’ve ever been on. Ever. Brooks mentioned that it was like sleeping on a cloud, and that’s seriously not far from the truth. It took me in like a never ending hug. And, because I fell asleep on the couch last night, I almost feel gypped out of some good quality hours. The other reason? Well, it’d be go back and live with Molly Maxey for a spell. She wants me to help her write her life story in book form. Considering her illustrious life, I wouldn’t mind taking on that kind of a job. It’d be a bestseller, believe you me.

As for the last reason? Her four dogs were awesome. I could throw a ball and/or Frisbee to them all the day long and never tire of doing so. They make for great kids. I’d just need to call on somebody else to pick their big doggie poop up.


heatherlynn said...

how does molly fit into the work? your job is fascinating if you get to travel AND hang out with interesting folk AND get to know them in, what sounds like, a relaxed way.

Sherpa said...

Not you da ho.....

I'm jealous. That's one part of Idaho I've never been to. I lived in Salmon for 4 months.

ewesa said...

I'm in love with those dogs!!
(word verification= "beaag" as in, "you'd need a really big beaag for the poop")

Mr. Cougarford said...

the "sleeping on a cloud" metaphor has never worked for me. Like anyone knows what that is like.

But that was a pretty little post about a pretty little place. I never knew that it was different than regular Idaho.

bestsariah said...

"Gypped out"??

You have insulted my rich Gypsy heritage. Racist.