Friday, March 09, 2007

Safe landing.

It was another smooth ride last night (with some expected turbulence). At one point, someone had the audacity to call in and ask me why I called myself the Rock Pilot, as I was playing a bluegrass show. That stung a little bit. I had to reach into my bag of tricks and pull out a dusty Rob Zombie track ... along with a live Motley Crue cut, even. (Warning: Use only in case of emergency.) I may have scared some listeners, but I felt better about keeping my name in the end. Oh, and my dignity, too, o'course. For a full run of events, check THIS out.

I get to create a couple commercials for the show tomorrow. Any suggestions beyond me talking over a crackly microphone from the cockpit?


Anonymous said...

looks like a great set

Jefe said...

Motley Crue should only be used in emergencies, but at least you recognize...Too Fast for Love or Shout At The Devil albums are good to use in a pinch, but everyone loves Home Sweet Home, it's like Sweet Caroline for the 80's.

Sherpa said...

There's been a few bluegrass covers of "hard" rock songs in the past couple of years. I know Dolly's done some...and I want to say some others have too.