Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This makes no sense to me.

What makes no sense?


It's a parody, sure, but I still don't get it. I love Jack White and, if the wind is blowing right, I'll follow him pretty much anywhere he decides to go musically. This is why I fought the crowd at Austin City Limits last summer to get a decent view of The Raconteurs. I ended up stuck next to an stanky, overflowing garbage can, but I showed my devotion. This is also why I drove all the way to Denver to see him do this thing with Meg not too long before that. I was so amazed at that one, I could hardly take it in. But, whatever. Jack ... you're a lot of things, but Elvis you ain't. Elvis you'll never be.


Mike said...

But who would play Elvis? (assuming they want someone who is a current musician for the role)

I don't think White is right for the role, but I can't really think of anyone who is.

The big question I have is: What kind of Elvis would Jack White be? Is it going to be a respectful tribute, is it going to be silly and over the top? I really could see him attempt either.

Sherpa said...

Actually--as much as I love Elvis-(although my love is a lesser love to your greater love for The King), I think Jack White may be a great Elvis in this parody. He better be playing more of a 69 king than a 50's Elvis.

As far as the movie goes, I adore John C. Reilly in everything I can think of that he's done. He often gets typecasted, but he can play a role like that...And he can sing too! I like the rest of the cast and the writers also. I think this may be a decent movie. I'm really interested in seeing who the other musicians are.

In other Jack White news...the Raconteurs are recording their new album next month or in May...we may get new music from the Stripes, Brendan Benson and the Raconteurs by the end of the year..now if he could only produce another album with Loretta Lynn...

Dainon said...

I saw a photo posted somewhere that suggested Isaac Brock (of Modest Mouse) play Elvis and, considering the photo shown, I'd pretty agree with that. As for sounding like him, it's a no-go, but as far as looks go? It wouldn't take much makeup to make him look all Kingly-like.

And, Sherpa, nice try ... but I ain't swayed. I'll go buy Icky Thump (issat what it's being called?) and support him that way. I'll still see it so's I can complain even more, but I doubt I'm gonna like it much.

Sarita said...

I'm surprised that the obvious choice here has yet to be noted. I mean, have they SEEN you as Elvis? AND I bet Jack Black doesnt even have a single Elvis impersonating gig under his belt. Why go with the amateur?

Dainon said...

You mean Jack White, right? These color names can be so confusing.

And I'm no impersonator. I am an enthusiast, true and true. There's a difference.

Sarita said...

If I werent a woman I would claim color blindness, but alas, I cannot.

Goodness, I am a red faced girl now. Would it help if I explained that I am on pain meds due to a recent car accident that was so not my fault? Because I am.

Sherpa said...

Jack Black as Elvis....would that sway you Dainon?

I mean, half the time when he sings he sounds like meatloaf--but hey, there's voice coaches for that.


Mike said...

Jack Black as Elvis circa 1975 would probably be great. For about five minutes. It would be over the top amazing, but get real old real fast.

f*bomb. said...

Don't talk about my boyfriend that way.
Few people look better in spandex than Jack Black. One might be Dainon Moody. But it's probably the sequins talking.

Sherpa said...

Jack White in spandex is one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Speaking of boyfriends, Matt Besser and Chris Parnell are in it!

Just looking at the imdb cast--I wasn't going to blog about it but now I think I'm going to have to. I'll give you a shoutout, of course.