Saturday, March 17, 2007

this week's edition of the red eye

... went a little something like this.

click me!

I think I only played a single request the entire show. That's a new record! I got to thinking, though, even if I did scramble up a-dozen requests beforehand, it's highly likely they're gonna sleep right through 'em anyway, right? Ah, well. Live and learn, that's what I say.


Evan said...

Cant go wrong with the Fiery Furnaces!

sugarcube said...

I was driving home at 1 a.m. and I tuned in, but I don't think you show was on yet. It must have been the previous show finishing. Disappoinment.

Cindy said...

Well I, need you, to want me, to hold me, to tell me the truth.

Camille Hally said...
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Camille Hally said...

Brilliant. They should name a planet after this mix. This is no hyperbole—it's an understatement.

Smiles in Boston

heatherlynn said...

hadn't heard the whispertown 2000 or the portastatic tunes before. love both those bands and those tunes were welcome additions. merci.