Friday, March 30, 2007

Your turbulence du jour.

Here's how things played out earlier this morning.

Red Eye playlist

It's nice to take a personal day after commanding the controls until 4 in the morning, too. It felt like people were awake and with me, though, as the insomniacs called in, along with guy who drives a snowcat at some ski resort who always tells me that I'm doing a good job (the Zappa was for him), another who really wanted to hear the Stooges' new album and a few who were kind enough to fire me off some e-mails. I need to learn to check that while I'm manning the music. Seeing a mailed request for "Tunnel of Love" after having played five Springsteen songs in a row? That just makes me sad. I would have played it for you, nameless non-instrusive computer person. I really would have. The Rock Pilot is here for that very purpose.


Ninny Beth said...

one time you played something from Too Far To Care when I was driving around salt lake before leaving it all behind. I tried to call the station to thank you for this tiny moment of zen, but got the business office instead. Feeling stupid, I sent my thanks into the universe. Maybe you got it but maybe it went the way of all unverbalized gratitude and so I am saying it to your blog. Kamsahapnida.
PS. the security word to post this comment is poecm. It's a sign...Interrupted Poem should be the title of whatever you write next.

Dainon said...

Aha! You're welcome!