Monday, April 23, 2007

Liberty on Monday

You said you’d be there amongst the trees
likely even chaining your bike to one
arriving just 45 minutes before black socks me
so I made sure not to blink too much
as I jogged and looked all over Liberty
for that yoga-loving you

instead I saw
dogs walking their owners

(owners doing the same)
a hop-running old man who may run quite a lot
for his age, but it’s a funny way for any
there were eyes on blondes who only looked long enough
to look away, always away
so many strollers
the ones for babies and the other kinds, too
those claiming so casually they’re exercising
flamingos, yes, and not even pink plastic
a lone goose wondering why the community pool
is still closed in April
it walks on the top and wishes
there are two hiding in the shadow of a tree
and another who still doesn’t know
a man in pink hair and pink bike, so content
with the stares, his rewards
ah! a car wreck, one that steals away a bumper
leaves smoke, a gaggle of rubber neckers
(the pink cyclist is slack-jawed among them)
and there is the sun, the one to scare away
the moments ago rain

and I smelled barbeque pits being reminded
of hot dogs, steaks, charcoal suppertimes—
this attached to the happiness of
the warmth still mixed with cool
this sweat welcoming seasons

and felt tears come with wind
knees reminded of a still-young age
vigor in the run-walk method
arms swinging, mind singing

because Sammy Beam created the best beat to jog to in
“Freedom Hangs Like Heaven” would carry me
at a cloppy trot for six more laps if I’d let him, it
(but I don’t, won’t)

but you
who left this dusky wonderland so early
just 10 minutes before I got here
who finally got me out my door
finding that outside’s the best place to be
while there are still jogging shorts
and the perfect light
who got to run between raindrops
while greens glistened
like misplaced dew

we never had the chance to hello
or awkwardly run alongside the other
spit out our small talk between gasps and breaths

I owe you a Thank You note
for missing me in the nick of time.


Listen: Freedom Hangs Like Heaven
Buy: Woman King EP


heatherlynn said...

i just called you but if that night is immortalized in this then so now are the words i just spoke to you by putting this note here: thank you, d.

thank you.

so very much.

much love to you my dear friend.

that was a perfect night.

so very happy to have your talents shared in a way that blesses my life so much.

xo, hlr

Sarita said...

You create great visuals.

I love happening upon the pink haired cyclist. And his contented reward.

Krispy said...

very nice

Dainon said...

Thanks, everybody. It's National Poetry Month this month, so I figgered I should start sharing some of these. I'll try and get a couple more up before it ends next week.

Anonymous said...

beauty and truth.

i'm without words after reading this.

thank you, so sincerely, for sharing.