Monday, April 09, 2007

Peter & The Wolf in Utah, 4/07/07

All things considered, the Peter & The Wolf show went pretty smoothly. It's kinda amazing to me to see these guys drive straight in from Denver just a couple songs before the opener ends (Utah's own Eden Express), gather their wits about them somehow and fall into a 45-minute set, no questions asked. I guess Red's used to it by now, I dunno.

This time around, it was more than Red and his geetar and impromptu junk orchestra of foot stompers and pot bangers, though ... not only did he have a waifish backup singer helping out, but a beekeeper of sorts banging on a snare as well; he was also intermittently playing the Chinese erhu, the Tuvan igil and the African kalimba. My new favorite song was a bit of a Calypso tune about scuba diving. Someday I may figure out the name of it but, for now, I'm guessing it's something he sketched out while on the sailboat last year. Moral of the story? The band seems to be going some new directions (i.e. good thing) while maintaining all the mystery and intrigue that accompanies a troupe of nomadic gypsy musicians. Estimated time of return is two months from now. I do think they've found a new home in Slowtrain Records, however. It's where all the cool kids hang out, after all. No more scrambling for a place to do his thing. He's found a home in Salt Lake City.

"Safe Travels"

"The Fall"

Timeflies (from the Fireflies Tour Only EP)


Sarita said...

Good times. Red's got this mischievous little smile that somehow belongs to a little boy innocently up to no good. Adds to the charm of the tunes.

Nice little camera you have.

heatherlynn said...

oh. good. thanks.