Sunday, April 01, 2007

Up 'n Coming: Peter & The Wolf in Salt Lake City

My friends Peter & The Wolf are coming through town again this Saturday as part of a six-week tour. It's funny how I've gone from being a simple fan of the music to helping him out every time he wants to come through here on a whim. Nevertheless, I secured a nice spot for him to perform downtown (Slowtrain) and it'll serve the music pretty well, I think. The band really is a treat to see live, especially considering he'll be performing with a female singer and a percussionist this time around (after being helped out by full choirs during his 10 shows in 5 days at SXSW). He keeps promising to get me a cut of whatever it is he makes on his SLC date, then promptly forgets to throw anything my way. Eh, no matter. Someday I'm going to take an extended leave of absence, jump into his Toyota Charlene and spend a few long months with him. I'll write a book about his band. It'll be a bestseller, too. Hey, you heard it here first. In the meantime, come to the show. It'll be a little magical, methinks.

And, OH YEAH, it's free. That's right. Just donate what you got to help him get to his next stop. Now, if that doesn't get you there, I just dunno what will.

For details, click here

The Fall - Peter & The Wolf

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Sarita said...

I must admit that I was ignorant to the music of Peter and the Wolf until happening upon your blog (unless of course you count the disney animated rendition), and am intrigued.

So I just may attend.

Thanks for the stellar taste in tunes.