Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Calexico in my backyard.

One of my favorite parts about a Salt Lake summer is the Twilight Concert Series. Nothing warms my heart more than being able to walk out my door, go past the library, shortcut through the grass and random bums at the County Building, go slowly past the Chinese food restaurant while inhaling in the smells of garlic and spring rolls as deeply as I can, then ultimately end up at the block that belongs to the Gallivan Center ... just in time to take in some free music. It's one of the things that actually makes our little town feel more like a real live boy, er, city. What's more, this year someone decided we'd make this place more hip than hippy. Oh, Michael Franti and Galactic will still be here (along with their very dedicated droves), but so will Yo La Tengo, the Fiery Furnaces, Calexico, Dr. Dog and Peter Bjorn & John. And that, my friends ... all of that ... is a beautiful thing. If you have yet to pay for a 45-minute long Ira Kaplan geetar solo, now you can get a sample. If you haven't heard the Fiery Furnaces do 45 minutes of music without bothering to stop for applause between songs, now you'll get your chance. It's a lot like the Costco Saturday. Nothing but free samples all night long. Just keep it down for those of us who are actually fans, eh? Last thing I wanna do is have to get nasty.

For a full 2007 lineup, click HERE.


plainoldsarah said...

i think i must be there. yep, summer is calling me. i need music!

see you on the planter where all the best dancing happens. or was that jamie i danced with? either way - good times!

Sarita said...

I have been gushing non-stop about how much I adore this city in the summer. I don't think I have ever taken full advantage of what it has to offer seeing as how I am accustomed to summers in the city of sin where nobody goes outside because it's so bloody hot.

amelia said...

i'm jealous. i'd love to see both calexico and peter bjorn & john. and i don't have time for a single trip to the great beehive state until september. i guess i'll have to pay for my summer music (which currently includes at the very least the decemberists, andrew bird, and wilco).

Sherpa said...

Amelia stole the words out of my mouth. I'm super jealous too. We used to have a super free festival here in DC...but it's been defunct for four years now. Plus, the only music on my horizon is the White Stripes next month since I decided to go to Denver and gave my Wilco tickets to my roommate (someday my stars will align with Tweedy--just hasn't happened in the past five years).

Woe is me (okay, not really---I've seen a lot of great live music in the past couple of years).

k8 said...

i hate all of you in utah right now.