Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fall Out Boy in Utah.

So glad I went to this show with the lil bro. So so so glad. It's true that I didn't know many of their songs. It's also true that I felt silly trying to sing along to the songs that I did know a chorus or two of. I was plenty excited nonetheless. Could have been the Su Casa cheese enchiladas I had before everything started. Coulda been the fact those that went before them sucked so hard (+44's Travis Barker and his crazy good drums skills notwithstanding) that I just wanted some good old-fashioned entertainment. Coulda been the fire randomly blazing up on stage, the multiple jump-spins the guitarists were doing, the fact they were shot up to the stage at the beginning with nothing but huge blasts of air (couldn't explain it if I tried) or the fact I got to go back in time some and mosh with the kiddies. All's I know is that I danced like a fool when they covered "Beat It", rushed the stage when commanded to do so during the encore and very nearly choked on some tinfoil confetti in the process. There was even a jumping contest that Deej seems to think he won. (I so won that, bro.)

Anyway, these guys may be a bit too emotastic for their own good and smiling just isn't their thing, but here's something to lighten them up a bit: I haven't left a rock show that thrilled and dizzy since, well, I don't even know when. They came, they entertained. Crazy as it is, I believe in the Fall Out Boy.

This is how excited I was. See my ROCK ON sign? I was totally throwing one of those. I'm just sorry my abnormally large head had to take precedence, knocking half of Deej's head right out of the frame. Blame our parents, bro. I have to live with this noggin.

Let the tinfoil confetti rain down. I still have some in my pockets.

I still dunno this guy's name, but when he showed up behind us, on top of a Honda Civic and jamming, I ran over with the rest of the herd, which immediately started aiming camera phones at his crotch and snapping. Okay, so I tried to take a photo of him, too (not his crotch), but my memory was all full up. DJ scored this.

Fall Out Boy, doing what Styles perfected in Teen Wolf eons ago.


Laurie said...

This post sums up one of the main reasons I truly like you, Dainon. Not only do you have a way of putting us right there with you in the experience, but you also make me --a completely NON-Fall Out Boy fan-- want to go immediately over to iTunes and download everything they've put out! I sincerely hope they Google themselves and read this review. It's flattering to say the least!

emcbride said...

I was there too. I concur. GREAT concert!