Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Great Lake Swimmers.

I don't know how to get words out about last night's Great Lake Swimmers show at Kilby. Yes, it was incredibly hot. Standing still, you were sweating. With how quietly Todd sings his songs, you even had some guys telling their girlfriends to shut up (okay, so it happened to me ... even though she wasn't my girlfriend, and he thought he could be more honest when he discovered she wasn't ... but whatever). It was honest music, the sounds of a guy who wanted to be a writer one day and woke up a singer instead. Everything he wrote morphed into songs. And now, when he shares his music with others, there's a lot at stake. Peeks into his person, they are. It's why he can't help but crack into a smile at the end of a song, once the applause hits—he can't help but let on he likes that we like him. And everybody did, dampened shirts and all.

He even scored one of the greatest half-jokes of the evening: "I just have one question to ask about the Great Salt Lake here ... can you swim in it?"

For a final word, I have to revert to what my friend had to say about the show afterward. I'm not even certain she reads this rambl'y blog but, if'n she does, it's always easier to beg forgiveness later:

I liked the recurring themes and images in his songs, how his soul was right there in them, you know? I really felt like he was singing and playing things that mattered to him--such a brave, true thing to do. Tons of bands are about image and rock stardom and being cool, but I'm so much more compelled by musicians who make music because they see it as the best way of saying what they really mean and feel ... it's hard to manufacture music that really moves people. That kind of music has to come from the soul. It feels like they're trying to give us something that matters. I do love it when music makes my throat tighten, or feels familiar, or seems to say something I've felt, but have never found words or sounds for...


Sarita said...

Well your Great Lake Swimmers blog beat mine. Hands down.

I wish I coulda stayed around and soaked it in for a bit, but my compadres were not quite as into it as I was. They were some of the talkers.

Your friend was very right on all accounts. It's hard not to notice how personal and insightful his well released lyrics and devilery are.

chloe elizabeth said...

Hi! I found you through k8's blog. I love all of your music reviews.

Have you heard about the jamboree music festival? Some good bands there!

And I love Kilby Court!

Ninny Beth said...

aigo! Your Rocky Spine has been on my constant play list since someone rightly and anonymously bequeathed it to me when I got my ipod...glad to know what the bard looks like. Kamsahapnida.

k8 said...

the great lake swimmers show i went to ranks as one of my all time faves. i almost couldn't listen to the CD afterwards because i really just wanted to hear it live again.