Friday, June 29, 2007

It's an All Vinyl Friday.

It started with taking requests from the department every other Friday, gently suggesting co-workers remove their headphones and enjoy what the DJ was spinning. It was a brilliant idea, one that the Hoss came up with all by hisself. It lasted on a more-or-less regular schedule for several weeks. Today, we have taken a huge step forward by taking a step backwards. We have graduated to crackles and hiss and ... the Neil. Young, not Diamond. We'll be spinning vinyl all Friday long in this section of the corporate world, one blessed album side at a time. Harvest is currently playing, and it's putting me in a very, very good mood. I may as well be in the arms of Salma Hayek while soaking in my jacuzzi at home, sucking back on a thick chocolate milkshake while someone else rubs my wet feet. This is happiness. This is the appropriate Friday soundtrack. And it is quality.

Other artists we may or may not hear today are Wilco, Jenny Lewis, Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder, U2 and Arcade Fire. We have the Dirty Dancing soundtrack as a maybe. And my hope is he'll put on my Honky Tonk Piano record at some point. It also has the power to fill me with some kinda glee.

Though we've already discussed where we'll have to go from here, no decisions have been made. Faah and I believe having a live band play for 8 hours every other Friday will eventually have to happen, though Hoss feels like having two turntables and some heavy mixing action is the next natural step. Hey, as long as he has a microphone.


... said...

Salma Hayek? Really? I always pegged you as a blonde-lover.

(Oh, and we have the vinyl Star Wars soundtrack if you're interested. But I'm pretty sure I can bet you're not.)

Dainon said...

Right now we're jamming out (if one can actually jam out) to the Postal Service bonus disc. It's really odd to hear digital sounds, pops and buzzes meant to sound like record crackle ON A RECORD. Whoa. Just blew my own mind.

Dainon said...

Oh, and yes, Salma Hayek and nothing but. She beats out a whole army 'o blondes for me.

Sarita said...

Just for the record, love the Harvest.

(a world full of blondes just had their hopes dashed to pieces....sigh)