Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mimickry is highly flattering.

I've been fairly obsessed with this site out of France called Blogotheque. They have redefined how I view certain musicians with their Take Away Shows feature. The concept is simple enough. Just take an artist off the stage and place him or her or them in an abnormal surrounding, where they just do what they normally do in, say, an elevator (Arcade Fire) or on a rooftop (Sufjan Stevens). Not only does each recorded performance take on new life as they look like old classic movies, but the way they sound is absolutely incredible as well. Kudos to whoever is in control of the microphone, seriously. Someone should give these guys a music videos channel on the telly once they've recorded enough of these. Far and away better than anything MTV has ever accomplished. Once you discover this site for yourself, just try not to spend your entire day there, watching song after amazing song. A couple favorites of mine? Well, alright then. Here they are (in absolutely no order).

#45.3 - Andrew Bird - Spare-Oh
Uploaded by lablogotheque

It was with this mindset that I attempted one of my own creations. I may not be the brains of the operation, but I can mimic like nobody's business. I chose an island of sorts on the other side of Lake Powell to try things out. Kayaked my way over to place that looked a lot like the moon, crawled around on it barefoot until we were able to find a proper spot and offered up a version of Hank Williams' "Lovesick Blues" (in just one take, heh). The rock worked rather well as percussion, I might add. I suppose it would have been more apropos to have done The Police's "Walking on the Moon," but I dunno all the words to that one. You get what you get. See what you think. I already know I need a better microphone next time, but this isn't bad for a first attempt ... right? Maybe you shouldn't answer that just yet. I'm a sensitive man.


ewesa said...

that's quite nice!

Dainon said...

Thanks mucho.