Friday, June 29, 2007

The Red Eye ruled.

I'm not one for bragging on myself (well, much), but I will say that the Red Eye was in rare form last night. It's been weeks since I thought my show was this strong, but I felt like I beat my own standards for musical excellence with this past show. And that feels nice. This is my form of the "Good game" pat on the butt. What was the secret? Easy. I had one of those sneak attack naps just after work, effectively recharging my batteries. Had meant to hit the free Slowtrain Shearwater in-store, but, after a particularly nasty commute home, I ended up succumbing to the kind of sleep that leaves you wondering where you are, what day it is and how you got there by the time you wake up. I was completely wired by the time I got to the station. I think it showed.

Okay, that's enough of that. For now.

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Jules said...

Fantastic playlist! Where else in America could I hear the Statler Brothers AND Return of the Mack in the same hour? LOVE IT. The best of my childhood and college years.